The World Shaping program

Every fortnight we invite to our World Shaping Program events which provide a platform for purpose-driven explorers and professionals. World shaping events mobilize and bring together motivated members of our society to take action in shaping the future of our planet.
Our mission for this program is to inspire people to combine sustainable development with digital expertise into a platform for innovative ideas and concepts.

The ultimate goal of this project is to create digital solutions by working based on the Design Thinking methodology and mindset. One project takes approx. 3 months and we finished our last Sprint in February 2018. The team has managed to create a social app to empower people living in impoverished areas (slums, favelas, refugees camps, etc.) to overcome the social, hierarchical and structural glass-doors that keep them from getting better jobs. The app connects them with experienced professionals, who help them find inspiration and insights to pursue their passion and launch their careers.

If you’re interested in participating as an individual or as a company, please get in touch via