akkuraum foster creativity, transformational skills and collaborative behavior on an everyday basis by offering a positive and self-responsible work atmosphere. Our culture and values are deeply embedded in our entire work.


akkuraum is a brand created by coac GmbH in Cologne and is making its way from Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence to now also Business Model innovations. At present akkuraum is focusing on Insurance, Finance, Real Estate and the Chemical, Pharmaceutical Industries. Since its formation in May 2015, the company has seen a steady growth of all KPI’s.

Having a strong background in Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Mobile Services, we have successfully finished several implementation projects and provide Best-Practice from first-hand.

As part of the startup scene in Cologne and Berlin, we have a strong network to founders, innovators and technology experts all over the world. Driven by the innovation culture of the Silicon Valley, we provide several services to experience this “feeling” and at the same time using the European economy benefits.


We have developed our own framework using research from the University of St. Gallen, Service Design & Design Thinking as well as the Google Design Sprint, to provide a service to organizations that want to create something new. We tailor our approach to create digital product, processes and business models.

akkuraum Design Sprint

We offer insightful one- to six-day workshops to get your team inspired.
In our efficient Design Sprint concept initial ideas are transformed into functioning and marketable products, more efficient processes or market changing business models. In an interdisciplinary team, a concept for a digital product is developed in a clearly defined process in a short period of time. The team cotains interal experts and external experts from the global startup scene.

In complex challenges, fast and measurable results are achieved and wrong decisions and implementation costs are significantly reduced. Participants can get valuable key insights right away and the consultancy efforts start at only 20 person days.


When it comes to decision making, we still live in a world of time consuming meetings and endless discussions.

Decision-making is the missing part in a complete picture of powerful digitalisation. We have a solution for this problem: dcsion.

dcsion is a smart web-based platform you can flexibly use in a pure digital mode or to support decision making in videoconferences and traditional meetings.

You can easily start your decision and set-up the best decision team available. Define the most important objectives, identify and evaluate alternatives to make the best decision. Throughout this process dcsion uses artificial intelligence to support you.

We are proud to present an effective decision-making tool for teams, invented by our mulitidisciplinary akkuraum team.


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We enable organizations throughout their unique journeys of transformation with its products, processes and people, by helping to deal with the rising complexity and speed in the modern social and business context. Have a peek into our service portfolio.


You want to bring your existing processes to another level? Often a high amount of tasks within important business processes can be automated using newest technologies. We provide newstest insides to technologies that can help your business to change and get scalable. Together with your team, we can, especially by using prooven approaches from different markets, enhance your processes and create new space for more important, strategic areas.


We help you unlock your teams’ collective intelligence across departments and support with the expertise of our digital consultants, developers, designer, texters where needed. This way, you will be able to convert ideas step-by-step into market-ready products & services to create totally new customer- experiences and interactions. We use our own, prooven approach and tailor it to your special needs.


We help you seize your unique value opportunities with custom-tailored workshops and trainings, where business models can be ideated, tested and implemented. Our mission is always to empower you to create sustainable and scalable strategies for your business. After our successful model creation we fade-out of the project to give you the possibilty to scale up and grow the established product or service.


Your physical, digital & mental space
Innovation happens at the intersection of a highly knowledgeable team and respective supporting processes but needs dedicated space to happen.
We at akkuraum understand that in order to achieve outstanding results, decision-makers need to allow their employees a physical, digital as well as mental free space. We also offer suitable locations in and outside of Cologne to host offsites, retreats and other exciting formats.

space events

Worldshaping program

Every fortnight we invite to our World Shaping Program events which provide a platform for purpose-driven explorers and professionals. World shaping events mobilize and bring together motivated members of our society to take action in shaping the future of our planet. Our mission for this program is to inspire people to combine sustainable development with digital expertise into a platform for innovative ideas and concepts.

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To all tech locals or geeks-in-transition: come to Akkuraum to learn, pair, or catch up on your project at Code & Coffee Cologne every Wednesday. Join us for some outstanding coffee and insteresting conversations with local freelancers and startup people in a cosy atmosphere.

If you’re looking for co-founders, partners or new projects, feel free to start a conversation here.

Arrive from 9:30AM onwards and stay as long as you can handle. 🙂

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We love the power of collective intelligence, digital innovation and superb coffee! We form a network of digital experts, who are mainly located in Cologne, and we are active in several cities such as Berlin, London, San Francisco and Tel Aviv. We invite you for a coffee and a open discussion about your digital challenges and opportunities. Please send us a line at hello@akkuraum.com.

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