The digital age allows us to reimagine our society and business

Reimagining society and business for the digital age is the number-one priority for many of today’s top organizations and creatives. Digital transformation is about reshaping our culture and business processes around new technology to create new digital products. We offer a space where people can do so and share their knowledge and experience.

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Create a Platform for Digitization

Established organizations have aligned their processes to their daily needs. To create digital innovations, a realignment of their processes and culture is needed.

The network behind akkuraum is creating digital products and enables businesses to create game-changing innovations by connecting experts for newest technologies and techniques that will be path-breaking in future. We provide workshops outside of the established and known environment to apply creativity, powerful insides and new perspectives.


Making money is not enough

There are many organisations in the world who have researched and defined the key challanges of our society during the next years. Those are for example hunger, food, immigration, water and population. Our main goal is to create digital concepts and solutions for these global challenges.

Therefore we are looking for talents, experts, sponsors and investors. You will find more information on our web channels.

Participate in our World Shaping Programme and join a team of makers and gamechangers. You will attend guided design thinking workshops and be able to use our workspace and infrastructure for free during this 12 week programme.

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